The Madonna Difference

Facts and Figures: The Madonna Difference

The Madonna Foundation is proud to carry on the legacy and mission of Madonna High School, serving Chicago’s underserved young women by providing them with access to a high-quality Catholic secondary education.

The Foundation represents all the best of Madonna High School’s proud traditions and continues to make a difference in the community.

We are the only scholarship organization in the Chicago region focusing exclusively on women’s secondary education.

  • The Madonna Foundation has awarded over 1,400 scholarships totaling over $3.4 million in scholarship awards
  • Over the past 20 years, 99.9% of our senior year scholars have graduated from high school, and 99.6% of them have pursued higher education 

The Madonna Foundation helps our scholars overcome barriers:

On Average: 

  • 85% of our Scholars are from minority backgrounds  
  • 52% of our Scholars come from single–parent homes
  • 76% of our scholars will be the first in their family to obtain a four year post-secondary degree
  • A scholar’s family income is less than $36,000 per year


The Madonna Foundation, sponsored by the Franciscan Sisters of Chicago, was established in 2001 as a charitable entity for underserved young women, increasing access to single-gender Catholic high schools in the Chicago area. The Foundation annually awards partial tuition scholarships to deserving young women who demonstrate financial need and the potential for academic achievement.. In many cases, without the Foundation’s financial aid, these young women could not afford to attend Catholic high schools.

99.9% Graduation Rate

Over the past 20 years, 99.9% of our scholars have graduated from high school and 99.6% of them pursue higher education.

$3.4 Million in Scholarships

Since it was established in 2001, the Madonna Foundation has awarded over 1,400 scholarships totaling more than $3.4 million in scholarship funds.

Supporting Those in Need

The average income per person from a scholar’s family is $8875 per year.

Dedication to our Scholars

We believe in educating the whole person. With that goal in mind, along with tuition scholarships, we provide 18 additional programs each academic year focusing on college readiness, financial literacy, academic support, leadership training, service learning, and spiritual well-being.